Move More




You can’t refute the physical benefits of yoga.  Core strength, flexibility, improved posture, longer limbs.  But the real essence of yoga goes way beyond attaining a toned yoga bum.  It’s about becoming body-wise in the truest sense.  That’s why I love the teachings of yogi and naturopath Sybille Gebhardt.

Sybille has been teaching a form of Hatha yoga since 2007.  After spending time in a fasting retreat and later in a yogic ashram, she observed people getting well simply through changing their diet and practicing yoga and meditation.  

Excited by this Sybille went on to train at the Sivananda Yoga Vendanta Centre, one of the leading yoga schools in India, and a few years later at the British Wheel of Yoga.

Sybille’s teachings, which fuse developing and maintaining a yoga practice alongside a naturopathic lifestyle, facilitates an integrated approach to wellness, that improves both an internal and external outlook on healthy living.

Sybille asserts that yoga is about learning to raise your inner awareness so that you’re aware when your body and mind are tense.  Ultimately you can’t shift what you’re not aware of.

“Most people’s problems are because they’re not internally aware anymore.  If they were aware they would make different choices, they would recognise when they ate something that hurts their body, would know when they’re overthinking and when they’re being overstimulated by outside influences” explains Sybille.

Sybille’s yoga teachings are now available on DVD delivered in an accessible, practical format that’s easy to learn and a pleasure to practice. 

“In the Total Body Cleanse Yoga DVD, we’re raising inner awareness but we’re also twisting, inverting and moving the body, so that the organs of elimination are being flushed with blood and stimulated.”

This beautifully shot 90 minute programme will boost energy levels, facilitate emotional stability and help produce a feeling of wellness.