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one-one health coaching

newpicInitial consultation

The initial consultation lasts 90 minutes.  A food diary and health systems questionnaire is given to you for completion in advance of the session. 

Your case with be explored in depth enabling identification of the root course of your complaint and any barriers to health.  Your goals will be clearly discussed and agreed so that they can be incorporated into your on-going treatment plan. 

No treatment will be given in this session but you will be advised on self-care techniques to start incorporating into your day.  Time permitting your blood pressure and respiration rates will be taken.

Treatment plan

A personalised treatment plan that takes into account your goals, lifestyle, personal tastes and budget, will be devised and either emailed to you in a report or discussed in person at your follow-up session.  Changes will be implemented at a pace appropriate to you.

In order to gain a clearer understanding of your health complaint it may be necessary for you to undergo functional tests such as a blood or stool tests. If you would like to take your health to the next level I can arrange for a DNA health screening. The cost of these further test aren’t covered in the cost of the consultation but the options will be clearly explained to you. 


Depending on the complexity of your case, or if you would like to commence bodywork, it may be appropriate for the first follow-up to take place a week after your initial consultation.  Alternatively, if you receive your treatment plan via email then a follow-up is advised 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation. If you are starting a course of lymphatic drainage and hydrotherapy it is advised that you attend for 5-6 consecutive sessions.

I run a monthly clinic in Tavistock, Devon and offer skype consultations for clients outside of London and Tavistock.  Please contact me for consultation fees.


Initial £90 (90 minutes)

Follow-up either £35 (30 minutes) or £70 (60 minutes)

Health programme (initial 90 min consultation plus four 30 min follow-up sessions) £199     highly recommended for those serious about making lifestyle changes; for more complex cases; and/or for those undergoing clinical test’s

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ( in addition to the cost of the initial consultation ) £65

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Package (HTMA plus two 40 min consultations)  £135


If you have any concerns in between sessions you always can contact me by e-mail or phone.

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I am a fully insured, CRB checked member of the British Naturopathic Association and registered with the General Council of Naturopaths.