therapies2Nutritional therapy

Nutritional imbalances will be addressed and recommendations given that support your specific complaint, the health of your gut and your general well-being. You may need to follow an elimination diet or increase your probiotics. The focus is on enjoying food in its most natural state, learning about its properties and what food is right for you specifically.

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA)

HTMA is an analytical test which measures the mineral status and toxic metal accumulation of your hair. The test gives a unique insight into your metabolic world and acts as a blueprint for the biochemistry occurring during the period of hair growth. Symptoms of nutrient deficiency may be apparent long before low levels can be detected in the blood making HTMA a more accurate way of assessing nutrient status.

Certain Food, stress, medications and pollution may deplete the body of many nutrients and taking incorrect supplements can contribute to this imbalance. Although HTMA cannot test for vitamin status, minerals and vitamins work in synergy so it would be rare for a mineral to be effected without also impacting the corresponding vitamin.

HTMA is quick and easy to perform. You will receive a report back in approximately two weeks which includes dietary recommendations and a targeted supplement plan to correct any imbalance plus self-care tips appropriate to your case history.

Cleansing and detoxification programmes

It may be appropriate for you to follow a detoxification programme. You will be given nutrition advice and self-care techniques and introduced to the benefits of juicing, colon care and fasting.  Body worked aimed at supporting the detoxification process can also be applied in clinic.

Constitutional hydrotherapy

The use of hot and cold towels over the trunk of the body to boost the immune system, induce relaxation, improve circulation and enhance detoxification pathways. Lymphatic drainage is given prior to constitutional hydrotherapy to ensure safe passage of toxins from the body.


Herbal infusions or decoctions to are taken as a tea. This is a more effective way to support your health than using supplements or tinctures. Depending on your complaint a variety of herb based hot or cold poultices, wraps and compresses might also be recommended.

Bach flower

There are 38 flower remedies to draw from. Based on your case history and personality a single or combination remedy might be prescribed aimed at supporting your emotional health and facilitating the healing process.

Acute homeopathy

Acute prescribing, sometimes called first-aid homeopathy, is effective for a range of complaints such as food poisoning, sore throats, bruising and hay fever.  Remedies can also be given according to how your complaint manifests and tailored to your personality and characteristics.


Over-all health can be supported through the use of essential oils. Each oil has its own unique therapeutic property and can be an effective aid to complaints such as digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress and bacterial infections.

All therapies and natural remedies are safe, gentle and effective. The therapy you receive will depend on your presenting complaint and goals.