Shorter days and moody mornings?

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I loved having the longer morning yesterday but I’m not feeling quite so celebratory about the prospect of shorter days.

Around 20% of people experience Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) in winter months characterised by low moods and an inability to get out of bed in the morning (you may not be quite the lazy oaf you thought).

Whilst the conventional fix would be to take a course of anti-depressants there are a few things you can do restore your natural flow.

Make an effort to get out everyday at lunchtime. As little as 20 minutes will provide enough natural day light to stimulate the pineal gland that supports your body clock and promotes vitamin D.

For the super light hungry out there a fluorescent light box will help. There are loads to choose from.  From subtle alarm clocks that awken you with an etheral glow to full-on tanning salon type outfits. People generally respond to light therapy after a period of 3-5 days.

It’s important to look after your brain health by eating plenty of essential fats such as those found in fish, flax seeds and olive and coconut oil.

Eating foods rich in tryptophan – the ‘feel good’ amino acid which increases the production of serotonin – may also help. Go for eggs, turkey, salmon, banana and fermented soy.

But if you’re still feeling rubbish then it may be necessary to supplement with something called 5HTP or try taking St Johns Wart for a couple of months.

Let me know how the winter months pan out X

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