Dandelion tea


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You may think that the humble dandelion is little more than a pesky weed but this yellow flower has long been used as an effective liver tonic.

Bitter greens, such as dandelion, have an astringent quality and support the liver and gall bladder to do its job.

As well as detoxification part of the liver’s role is to produce bile so that our enzymes can break down fats into fatty acids.

The dandelions rich nutrient profile gives this whole process a helping hand and protects against inflammation.

It’s completely safe to eat the whole dandelion.  I tend to make a tea by brewing the whole dandelion – flower, stems and any leaves for between 6 and 8 minutes. 

5-6 flowers are enough for 2 cups but play around with the quantities.  The more you use the bitterer the tea so it depends on your taste.

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