“Allison gave me great self-care techniques including breathing exercises & how best to support my liver.  She made up a Bach Flower remedy which I take everyday”  Katie, Account Director.

“Working with Allison supported me in getting my whole life on track & enabled me to have a better understanding of how to take care of myself – it was a life altering experience. Allison is very approachable & a pleasure to work with. The advice and support she gave me has stayed with me & helped me to become kinder to myself. Thank you!” Domini, Lecturer.

“Coming to see you was one of the best decisions of my life”  Jo, graphic designer.

“I contacted Allison as I’d be struggling with my health for some time. My GP attributed my symptoms to age, suggested I was depressed & offered me antidepressants. From a recent blood test Allison explained I had an under active thyroid & my symptoms were related to this. I sent some of hair for analysis & based on the results started a diet & supplement programme.  I cannot thank Allison enough – without her expert & compassionate help I don’t know where I would be” Veronica, retired.