Spring Juice



In traditional medicine Spring is all the about the liver so it’s the perfect season to give your liver some LOVE.  A simple way to do this is through juicing.

This is one of my absolute favourite juices.  The ingredients work in synergy to support this powerful organ of detoxification. 

Beetroot supports both phase I and  phase II detoxification.  Phase I is concerned with the breaking down of toxins and phase II makes sure they’re safely released from the body.

The spinach and Swiss chard act as antioxidants and help induce the enzymes needed for phase II.  

Swiss chard is a bitter green – bitter foods act as astringents and stimulate both the liver and gallbladder by encouraging the formation of bile.  Bile is vital for the process of digestion and the functioning of the liver. 

Lemon helps flush away all the toxic rubbish and parsley protects against build-up from the by-products of the detoxification process.

Apple is high in pectin – a soluble fibre that makes the liver’s job a little easier.   The fibre improves the ability of intestinal muscles to push waste through the gastrointestinal tract.

The juice has a real earthy taste thanks to the beetroot but the sharpness of the lemon and sweetness of the apple make for a complex flavour with serious wellness clout.  Made in my Optimum 700 Cold Pressed Juicer. 


1 x whole raw beetroot

2 x large handfuls of spinach leaves

3 x Swiss chard leaves

1 x lemon wedge

1 x generous sprig of parsley

1 x half apple


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