Natural hair care by NOAH available in store now!

I always found sourcing effective haircare sans parabens, paraffin, mineral oils and other rubbish rather elusive.  That’s why I was so relieved to come across NOAH.

NOAH is a line of exclusive haircare products made with plant and flower extracts that ACTUALLY WORK.  The natural beauty world is already cerebrating discovering such a premium product with an affordable price point. And just like me they’ve fallen for the sleek and simple branding.

Many regular shampoos make me sneeze thanks to the overuse of synthetic perfumes and colour.  My past attempts at finding natural alternatives often left me with lacklustre locks that needed frequent washing to revive them back to life.

NOAH products have a fresh, clean aroma due to a synergistic blend of pure essential oils and with seven, yes seven shampoos to choose from, ranging from fine and oily to fortifying, they’ve pretty much got all heads covered.

A little goes a very long way. Don’t be tempted to slap more on because there’s no lather. It’s not going to happen.  NOAH products are free from sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) which is the cheap detergent that provides the suds.

NOAH flag up that their line may vary slightly in colour and aroma at different times of year.  This is due to traditional extraction techniques that respect the seasons of the plants. 

That make me like them even more.  Hurray NOAH.  Now available in the on-line store.


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