A meteorological new year

Today is the first day of meteorological spring, with astronomical starting later this month on 25th.

In many ways right now feels the most appropriate time to celebrate a new year.  All too often January and February are dismissed as stubborn weeks to ‘get through’.

The exciting stuff starts when we hit March.

Or is that just me??

From a health point of view, making changes, whether that be a few gentle tweaks or completely different way of doing things, when you align them with the changing seasons, you’re more in tune with the natural order.

So over the next few weeks have a think about how you might what to do things differently this year and what is achievable.

If one of those is health then it can be a little overwhelming.

Health is such a huge and loaded word. Lately the volume in the wellness industry has been turned up to the max with everyone having an opinion.

It’s so noisy at the moment it even leaves me questioning the facts from the fads.

I get it.

If you feel like its all a bit much to figure out on you’re own, and you’d benefit from some guidance on how best to do things, then get in touch for a chat about how we can work together.

I’ve a special interest in digestive health and anxiety and stress management. Both pretty much go hand in hand. Its how we’re designed.

Maybe its a chronic health complaint you’re carrying around, such as one of the many autoimmune conditions.

Or you simply want to get the most current advice on anti-ageing, then I’d love to hear from you.

I practice in London and Devon and also work remotely via skype.

Here’s to longer days X


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