DNA Analysis

Over 3 billion pairs of nucleotides form the building blocks of our DNA.  99% of these building blocks are identical between individuals. The remaining 1% is what makes us unique.

The emerging field of nutrigenomics embodies the principle of bio-individuality.  Nutrigenomics is the science of how our genes respond to diet, exercise and environment.  

Genetic testing reveals the basis of our biochemistry and offers an exciting alternative to the outdated wisdom that one-size-fits all.

Knowing our genetic make-up is only part of the puzzle. Unless you’re able to simplify all that complex information into something tangible, you’re left wondering how on earth you’re going to prevent the increased risk of cardiovascular disease which a particular gene might suggest you have.

As a nutrigenomics practitioner I’m able to translate DNA test results into practical nutritional and lifestyle solutions that actually improve health and wellness.  Put simply it’s personalised medicine.

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The impact of nutrition, lifestyle, exercise and environment on your genetic makeup should never be underestimated.  We can’t change the genes we’re born with but we can influence how genes are turned on or off.

By exploring your case history alongside the test results, I’m able to identify aspects of your lifestyle that are currently influencing how your genes are expressed. From this I can develop a truly personalised health programme that you will enjoy and is easy to follow.

The tests are suitable for anyone from the chronically ill to the professional athlete who wants to get the most out of a training programme. Many people turn to genetic testing to improve their weight or simply to increase their longevity.

I provide 4 genetic screenings that allow for personalised medicine.  The evidence supporting each gene profile has been thoroughly researched and found to positively improve health outcomes.

If this way of working with your health excites you just as much as it does me, and you would like to invest in genetic testing, then please get in touch.

I believe your 1% difference is worth nurturing!

#1 DNA Health

DNA Health analyses a total of 26 gene variations.  It addresses major health concerns and highlight the areas of  your lifestyle that need attention. DNA Health is relevant to EVERYONE.

  • Cholesterol metabolism: Genes that affect the degree to which the body can mobilise triglycerides to free fatty acids. These are important for cholesterol and its distribution and are risk factors in the development of cardiovascular disease.
  • Methylation (MTHFR): Genes that conduct methylation which are critical to repair and creation of new cells and DNA.
  • Detoxification processes: Genes that determine the quality of our two detoxification phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2). These phases are important biological processes responsible for eliminating and excreting waste products and toxins.

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  • Inflammation: Genes that affect the body’s inflammatory response, including the production of inflammatory compounds. If inflammation levels are too high, it affects the risk of developing a variety of lifestyle diseases.
  • Antioxidant status: Genes that stimulate the body’s own production of antioxidants. A low production can cause high levels of oxidative stress, inflammation and accumulation of toxins in the body.
  • Bone health: Genes that influence the body’s ability to absorb and metabolise vitamin D and calcium to ensure strong bone tissue.
  • Insulin resistance: Genes that affect the body’s insulin sensitivity and thus the risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

#2 DNA Diet 

DNA Diet analyses a total of 13 gene variations and is geared towards those people who struggle to manage their ideal weight. The test looks at genetic variations that affect metabolism; hunger and satiety regulation; insulin sensitivity; and inflammation.

Based on these test results, DNA Diet offers recommendations for nutrition, exercise interventions and lifestyle changes to support genetic variations that impact weight, metabolism and the ability to store and burn fat. 

DNA Diet is therefore a very useful tool in any weight-loss programme.

#3 DNA Sport

DNA Sport analyses a total of 13 gene variations.  It’s aimed at both the elite and the recreational athlete looking to gain maximum return from their training. Of particular interest are athletes who’ve responded below expectation, as the key to their performance lies within their genes.

Whether you’re after a marathon best or just seeking to finish your first race, DNA Sport is a vital tool in achieving your athletic potential.

Performance Factors that can be supported through DNA Sport are strength and endurance; susceptibility to soft tissue injury (tendon pathology); and recovery time (the level of oxidative stress and inflammation post exercise).

#4 DNA Oestrogen

DNA Oestrogen analyses a total of 10 gene variations.  Improving oestrogen metabolism is beneficial to women suffering from oestrogen-dominant conditions such as endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome and uterine fibroid tumours or where there’s a family history of breast, uterine or ovarian cancer.

Variations in genes involved in carcinogen metabolism, metabolism of steroid hormones and phase I and phase II detoxification mean that a sub-population of women have an increased lifetime exposure to oestrogens, oestrogen metabolites and other carcinogens.

Understanding this genetic variability allows for targeted nutrition, lifestyle and hormone interventions.

How it works

Nordic laboratories will send you a cheek swab test kit so that you can provide a sample and return it to the lab.  The test needs to be taken first thing in the morning before eating and drinking.  

Your test results with be sent directly to me for interpretation and from there I will develop your personalised health programme. 


Each package includes one hour initial consultation so that I can understand your current lifestyle and to establish your goals; one hour consultation to discuss your results; and a detailed written report outlining your personalised health programme. 

DNA Health £459 

DNA Diet £379

DNA Osetrogen £379

DNA Sport £345 (initial consultation can usually be conducted in 30 mins)

If ordering more than one test there is a £35 saving on two tests, £70 for three tests, and £105 if ordering all four tests.